Children of the Revolution; a unique shoe shop in Brisbane that is committed to providing shoes that are good for your body while still looking great.

The ideal shoe is one that accommodates your foot shape and will be supportive for the kind of activity in which you engage. It is important to remember that sizing is only a reference. Sizing systems vary according not only to the manufacturers but to the design of the specific shoe. Therefore, we expect people to spend time with us in the process of purchasing their shoes. It’s what we enjoy doing.

We, at Children of the Revolution, are more than happy to assist those who have been referred by a medical specialist, orthopedist, podiatrist, physiotherapist, chiropractor or any other allied health professional regarding specific footwear needs.

THE OWNER – Sally McGregor

Occupation: Podiatrist, Business Woman, Expert Shoe Fitter Extraordinaire
Loves: Beautiful Shoes
Dislikes: Life Without Rain

Sally loves beautiful footwear. But, it must also be comfortable and appropriate for the individuals’ foot type and their working environment. Sally has spent her years actively seeking shoes that tailor to our weather and cultural conditions. This is a little about what she has come up with…

Throughout her many years as a Podiatrist and the owner of a shoe store, Sally has encountered many foot types and foot problems. From these experiences, she realised that whilst many people did have a legitimate foot concern, the majority of people had a shoe problem. From this, Sally envisioned the concept of intelligent footwear.

The Mad Genius and Her Intelligent Footwear: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bjVftiIGLss

Intelligent Footwear: The act of looking at a person’s foot, posture, gait, their social requirements and fitting them with the appropriate footwear.


We are often asked whether we sell Children’s shoes. The answer is “not anymore.”

Read Sally’s story about how the name of the store came about – now entering its 21st year in the business she loves. She explains its humble beginnings, what she dreamed of achieving and how lucky she feels to be living out her passion:

“Children of The Revolution was one of my favourite songs when I was growing up in San Francisco. At the time, as the generation from the 60’s was my target market it seemed smart to call it Children of the Revolution, besides, “Sally’s Sensible Shoes” just didn’t have the same ring to it! As it turns out, no-one forgets the name of our store once they hear it!

This shop is well loved and I believe that Brisbanites realise the importance of shoes that suit our weather, style and personal foot dimensions. The footwear we stock has evolved over our 21 years, it is NO longer ugly and heavy, nor terribly expensive, and we combine this with the fact that help and assistance is in the shop at the time of purchase. We have a specific podiatry knowledge but I believe most people need shoe advice first and foremost, usually before orthotics are required, however when they are required we can assist to fit the orthotics into ordinary footwear.  

I feel lucky that my husband and son have allowed me to do what inspires my professional ambitions. 

We are NOT like other shops… We are CHILDREN WITH A REVOLUTION GOING ON!!”

There is no school that teaches shoe fitting. One might come across a weekend course that is run by a footwear company, but no where is there a proper course in the correct fitting of footwear. The fundamental problem with footwear and fitting is the inability to create a standardized line to which everyone’s feet will conform.

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