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Our best balance boosters

One in three people ages 65 or older will suffer a fall. It’s time to assess your balance and improve it. Many older adults focus on exercise and diet to stay healthy. But one of the worst offenders to health—poor balance—is often an afterthought. “I see a lot of older adults who are nonchalant about […]

How to find and fit orthotic-friendly shoes

Fitting orthotics into shoes/boots can be a trick. At Children of the Revolution, we have a specific podiatry knowledge coupled with a large range of ‘wellness shoes’. We believe most people need shoe advice first and foremost, usually before orthotics are required, however when they are required we can assist to fit the orthotics into […]

Feeling out of balance? Try looking down.

Let’s begin with an image. A body, upright and strong. The souls of both feet firmly on the ground. Spine straight, lungs open and large. Energy is able to flow freely from the earth, to the top of the head, down the legs and out again. Sound good? That is how a healthy body looks […]

Do you need to exercise your feet?

Here is some information straight from Harvard Health, keep an eye out over the next few days as we show you some of the exercises… Healthy Feet: Preventing and treating common foot problems Do your arches ache or your heels hurt? Got gout or battling bursitis? If so, you are among the three out of […]

Simple Workouts to Stretch and Strengthen your Feet

Limber up – To limber up your foot before attempting other exercises, try this: Sit in a chair with your feet flat on the floor. Lift your left leg so your foot is off the floor and use your big toe to make circles in the air, moving in a clockwise direction, for 15 to […]