How to fit orthotic friendly shoes, children of the revolution

How to find and fit orthotic-friendly shoes

Fitting orthotics into shoes/boots can be a trick.

At Children of the Revolution, we have a specific podiatry knowledge coupled with a large range of ‘wellness shoes’. We believe most people need shoe advice first and foremost, usually before orthotics are required, however when they are required we can assist to fit the orthotics into footwear that is not only well-made and comfortable, but also stylish and fashionable.

When searching for the perfect fit, find out:


How big is the orthotic?

Orthotics come in different shapes and sizes. You may have a full orthotic which is quite thick, or a 3/4 orthotic which does not replace the insole of the shoe, but would need to sit on top of it.


What is the purpose of your orthotic?

It is good to know what you are expecting the orthotic to achieve in the shoe, whether it be gait, posture etc, or what ailments it looking to help or correct. This information will help our staff in suggesting and fitting the right shoes, and your orthotics into them.


It is always best to bring your orthotic into the shop with you. And be sure you have some time for us to play around with the orthotic and the boot.

Be assured that we always get to the bottom of this issue!